Hello Flowers!

Welcome to ADM Flowers. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my site. I love flowers and like many little girls I wanted to be a florist when I was growing up. But it never played out. I went to school, university, got a job, got married and had kids. Pretty standard stuff.

It wasn’t until last year that I realised I didn’t have a hobby anymore. I had my work, my family and my friends but I didn’t have anything that was my thing. In my musing I found (or it found me) Bloom College. Bloom was running 5 week Flower basics courses and I signed up immediately.   

The starting bucket of Pomander
The starting bucket of Pomander
I loved it. Every Wednesday evening for 4 weeks (I missed the first week), I got to make a beautiful floral creation. It wasn’t just the finished product I adored either. Spending the two hours in the company of liked minded ladies (sorry guys but I’m get to have a flower therapy session with a male) and then getting to take home something I created and see it for the rest of the week or to be able to give it away was just awesome.

I was not a happy camper when my weekly dose of flowers finished and I started to have my own flower time on the weekends making arrangements (some good, some bad and some totally awesome). I made them for my work, my family, gifts for the kids teachers and my friends. It has become my thing. I’m now under going a six month floral course held each Saturday. I get one full day to spend learning and creating several pieces of work each week in an incredibly supportive environment with a class full of kindred floral spirits.

Pomander Ball
My first floral piece
As we approach half way of the course we are all thinking about what to do with our new skills. Like anything practise makes better, not perfect but better. Some want to open stores, do weddings and events but that is not where I see myself. I love my current job and love being able to create beautiful arrangements on the weekends. So in order to keep myself practising and creating I thought opening this site and sharing my creations with the ether.

It is my intent to share with you my latest personal creation, what I made it from, how I made it and what I did with it. If you follow me on my journey you will quickly realise I am a hobbiest florist (with a little bit of training). I will rarely (if ever) create complex pieces as I don’t have the time nor do I want to spend the money. I want to create something of beauty each week which doesn’t cost a fortune and will last on my or someone else’s bench for at least a week (two would be even better).

Until next time Happy Flower making to you!

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