Wedding Flowers on a budget?

Wedding Flowers on a budget

Wedding flowers on a budget can seem like an impossibility when planning a wedding in 2017. And don’t get me started on the bad connotations that cheap has in regards to wedding flowers. Cheap Wedding Flowers… it doesn’t conjure up a great mind’s image, does it? But it is so very possible to get fresh (yes fresh, real flowers) for your wedding in Melbourne. Actually, you can get them anywhere but as I live in Melbourne I’ll stick to my area of experience.

You know the stories: you ask for a posy for an event, and get price $; you ask for a bouquet using the same flowers for your wedding and get price $$$. I was also really surprised at the lack of updated information in google land on budget conscious weddings…. so here are my Top 5 tips for getting affordable wedding flowers in Melbourne 2017.

Top 5 tips for getting affordable wedding flowers in Melbourne.

Wedding llowers for under $400 (1 x bride bouquet, 1 x bridesmaid, 1 x groom buttonhole and 1 x groomsmen buttonhole). Yes this is possible but a word of warning, the bigger the bridal party or the more elements you add will put your total spend up.

Affordable wedding flowers by ADM
Affordable wedding flowers by ADM

Tip 1: Don’t be ashamed of your budget.

$200, $300, $500 or more… (we can all dream right!). Whatever your budget, is be up front about it. Send emails to all the wedding florists you like and tell them flat out your budget. Ask them what they can do within it. Yeah you might get a no or two, but you just might get a yes…. Who knows, maybe they are aren’t fully booked on the weekend of your wedding. You just don’t know, so don’t be afraid to ask. I wouldn’t advise haggling, but telling your budget upfront is totally acceptable and encouraged.

If you are trying to choose between a few florists, read this post from my pals at Thrive Flowers on the 8 (not so obvious) questions to ask your wedding florist. Some cracking questions and answers from a very busy wedding florist and events team in Melbourne.

Tip 2: Don’t be fussy on your flower choice.

Yes this is a bit of an unfortunate reality check moment, but don’t go expecting David Austen roses, peonies or Phalaenopsis Orchids within the lower price bracket. Amazingly beautiful flowers these are, but budget friendly wedding flower options they are definitely not. Be open to what flowers are in season and at the cheaper end of the price scale. Just like wedding dresses, weddings flowers range from cheap to very expensive.

The more specific you are on your flower choice and style, the more expensive your flowers are going to be. Yes, give your wedding florist ideas on what flower colours, bouquet styles, and even a few flower likes and dislikes if you know them… but be prepared to compromise.

Tip 3: Scale down your bouquet, add more green!

Go for a smaller bouquet and let your florist know that your happy to fill it up with more Greenery. This will definitely help keep the budget down.

Plus you get bonus points for using the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery.

Wedding flowers under $300
Wedding flowers under $400

Tip 4: Gumtree – Say What!

My fourth, and maybe unexpected tip for getting your wedding flowers at an affordable price, is to try Gumtree. Yep, good old Gumtree, that buying and selling platform online, the new eBay. Have a look at what is on this site and I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the offerings. There are quite a lot of wedding flower packages with exact prices on this site. Go on have a look. You’ll find little old me on it buying and selling.

Tip 5: DIY. Good old fashioned DIY. 

If you are the creative type, why not get together with your wedding party, and make a fun night of it? The majority of florists prepare bouquets a day in advance, and so can you. Just don’t pick delicate flowers which should be refrigerated – your home or hotel fridge is going to struggle to fit them. Check out my favorite “time wasting” DIY platform: pinterest, to get ideas for your own DIY wedding bouquet. Once you have an idea of what you like, go and have a look for tutorials on youtube. There are a lot of them.

You may need some florist ingredients but you can probably purchase them directly from your local florist shop or an online store.

Love flowers, do a course and become a floral enthusiast or even a florist…
Maybe you are super interested in flowers and could do a short course. This is an expense yes, but you’ll have the skills for life. I started my professional flower journey via a Bloom College short course. I love love loved it and followed it up with a career change course. This might not be your cup of tea, or within your budget, but it is an option of those of you who love love love flowers.

Budget wedding flowers
Budget wedding flowers by ADM

So there you have it. Five ideas for Affordable Wedding Flowers in Melbourne in 2017.

I hope your wedding is spectacularly amazing and everything you want it to be and within your budget. If you have an questions please hit me up, I’ll be happy to answer, or refer you on to someone in my floral network who can assist.



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2 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers on a budget?

  1. I love the idea of having wedding flowers but keeping things more affordable. Weddings can definitely add up so any ways that you can save money, the better. I would like to look into renting my wedding dress because you can save so much money doing that!


    1. Yes the renting market for Weddings has come a long way. So many great things you can rent now. I did read about a New York company starting a service to share wedding flowers. Matching up couples who were having weddings on the same day but at different times and then sharing the flowers.


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