Top 5 Budget Wedding Flowers options in Melbourne

5 types of flowers suitable for your wedding which are on the affordable scale.

Weddings are expensive. You know that right! And I’m taking a guess here that as you have landed on this page, you are looking for an affordable option which still looks beautiful but won’t break the bank.

At ADM Flowers, we totally understand and want to provide you with some suggestions on what common flowers are affordable options for you to ask your wedding florist about (and on the flip side: the flowers which are expensive).

But before we list out personal Top 5 favourite flowers to use in our own wedding work we need to mention to you THE most important factor in obtaining affordable wedding flowers for your special day…


In today’s global world you can almost get any type flower out of its natural season, be it by greenhouse growth or grown on the other side of the world. Lots of flowers are available almost year round. But in general blooms grown locally and in season are fresher and cheaper than ones flown across the world. The further a flower has to travel to more expensive it is likely to be. So know what flowers are locally available for the month of your wedding and pick from there.


If flowers aren’t your thing and you couldn’t tell a carnation from a chrysanthemum then give your florist a colour palette and style to work with. Let them find you the best available blooms for your wedding flowers.

melbourne wedding colour palette


There are a few common flower varieties which are at the high price range in Wedding Flowers. If you are looking for David Austin Roses, Phalaenopsis Orchids or Peonies then the word budget wedding flowers doesn’t align here. They are three of the most beautiful blooms but they come at a cost, so don’t get a shock at the quote if you have asked for any of these.

TOP 5 favourite budget wedding blooms

Okay now, let’s move onto my personal favourite flowers to use in my Melbourne weddings:

1. Sim Carnations: available all year round (local and imported)

Carnations aren’t as daggy as you might remember. They do have a bit of an old fashioned reputation but have made a come back of late, thanks to the new colours on the market.

Colours like apricots, melot, dusty pink, antique pinks and latte.

Super fresh and affordable bloom.

Flower Girl Rose Petal Basket
The large apricot flower on this flower girl basket is a sim carnation.

2. Ranunculus: available winter and spring (mainly locally grown)

These beauties have large flower heads filled with soft fluffy petals. They are almost rose like with the petal formation but again much softer. A peak local season, ranunculus make a beautiful wedding flower.

If you are wanting a Burgundy bloom in winter or spring then chances are your florist will use a ranunuc.

A beautiful option for winter and spring weddings in Melbourne.

Budget wedding flower for winter spring in melbourne
Beautiful local ranunculus from Dandy Fresh.

3. Lisianthus: available all year round (local and imported).

Lisianthus is rarely the star of the show, in fact she is the perfect companion to many wedding flowers and when you open up her bloom you get another magical soft flower. She generally comes in soft supporting colours of whites and pinks.

4. Dahlia’s: available summer and autumn (mostly locally grown).

The most famous wedding dahlia would have to be the magnificent Cafe-Au-Lait (not a budget bloom), but there are so many other varieties available in Melbourne during late summer and early autumn. Being a prominently locally grown flower (it doesn’t travel well) means at peak season prices are good.

Dahlia’s are a wonder wedding flower as they generally have a really large flower head which takes up a lot of space, meaning you don’t have to use as many blooms to get a full arrangement.

Bright Bouquets Melbourne Wedding Florist
Three different types of Dahlias in these summer bouquets: Hot Pink, Peach and Burgundy.

5. Cappuccino Roses: available all year round (local and imported)

Like the Cafe-Au-Lait dahlia, the cappuccino rose is one of the most commonly requested roses in my wedding work. The other is quicksand (but its not a budget bloom). The cappuccino rose is a dusty coloured rose which works with so many colours tying them in together. Due to its popularity there are a lot of growers and supply is good which helps keep the pricing down.

The roses do take several days to open up to the beautiful big heads, so if you are DIYing your bouquet make sure you buy them in advance and let them open up naturally.

Capp. Roses.png
Cappuccino Roses nicely opened and ready for use.

So there you have it, my top five favourite budget wedding blooms of 2019.

Thanks for Reading


If you are getting married in Melbourne and are looking an affordable wedding florist for your special day, then please have a look at our pricing – we would love to be able to provide you with a quote.

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