Affordable Wedding table decorations: foliage garlands

If you are looking for an affordable option for your wedding guest table decorations then you may want to consider a foliage or greenery garland. Garlands work beautifully when your guests are seated at long tables.

5 reasons why I love garlands for weddings in Melbourne:

  1. They are premade in our studio on lengths of rope so that installation on the tables is quick and easy. If your venue is happy to dispose of it at the end of the night then there is no bump out charges.
  2. We use a mixture of different foliage types depending on what is in season to get a layered effect. By using a few different varieties you can get some height and depth to the garland. Making it a 3D visual treat for guests. And they smell fresh and yum.
  3. Two affordable sizes available: simple which is $30 per metre or deluxe which is twice as lush at $60 per metre.

    The simple garland is perfect for long guest tables, running down the centre. Sharing plates can sit on top of the garland and glasses, candles (in vase), salt and pepper weaved in and out of the garland.

    The deluxe garland looks amazing as a head table feature. Running along the top of the bridal table it makes quite an impact at a reasonable price.
  4. Want to add in just a touch of florals to the garland. No problems. We can do that for an additional $10 per metre.
  5. You can turn garland into a hanging installation for $120 per metre. If your venue has some handy beams or trusses then garlands are a great way to decorate the space.
hanging foliage garland

How much garland do I need?

Obviously your venue can help you with the exact table dimensions but our rough calculation measure is that 1 metre will cover 2 chairs worth (on a head table) or 4 chairs on a guest table.

So 10 in bridal party sitting at a head table = approx. 10 /2 = 5m 5 x 60 = $300.00

90 guests sitting across from each other on long tables = 90 / 4 = 22.5. 23 x 30 = $690.00

So for under a $1000 you can have your reception filled with beautiful lush greens.

If you are interested in having a foliage garland at your wedding in Melbourne then we would love to hear from you and give you a quotation. Get in touch.

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