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3 tips for getting affordable wedding flowers in Melbourne

The story of a chilled out, budget savy bride.

My bride found me via my ad on gumtree and asked for a quote for her wedding in late April in the Melbourne CBD. When I met up with her to discuss the details of her wedding party flowers, I still wasn’t sure if it was an April 2017 Wedding (three weeks away) or an April 2018 one. It didn’t bother me either way as my calendar was open for both dates.

Turns out it was the first, being three weeks away. She explained that she worked in an industry which was similar to flower growing and didn’t want to book her flowers in until she knew what was going to actually be in season.

Flower growing is a delicate but not precise science. Whilst flowers have typical seasons, the weather can throw the season out by weeks. Last year I was due to go to a peony farm to pick my own beautiful blooms. But the peony season was delayed due to the weather and I missed out. So bride’s and grooms beware. Just because a flower should be in season, doesn’t meant it will always be.

As my bride was not wanting to spend a large amount on flowers (she and her finance were saving for their first house) she was really clever and understanding of how to get affordable wedding flowers.

Here are my three tips for reducing the costs of your wedding flowers:

Tip 1: Using gumtree to find “affordable wedding flowers” in a package

When you type in affordable wedding flowers Melbourne into google you get a almost six million results. That is a lot of web pages to search through. Gumtree is known for deals and wedding flowers are no exception. Searching for packages allows you to get a more complete cost up front. Gumtree has a large number of florists advertising their work on the platform. It is a good way to quickly compare offers.

Red Rose buttonholes melbourne
Buttonholes or boutonniere: I like to call them Man Flowers

Tip 2: Using seasonal blooms & budget flowers in your bouquets

Flowers, like everything wedding, have pricing scales. From the top end to the low end. The key to reducing the cost of your wedding bouquet is to use the flowers that are in season and at the lower end of the price scale. A bigger bloom like a Dahlia is perfect for the bouquet as it is a mid priced bloom but gives a great bang for its buck. It is a focal flower in your arrangement without costing a lot.

Pink & Red Bouquet Melbourne
Dahlia’s (the dark red one) are a perfect large bloom for bouquets.

Tip 3: Using greenery in your bouquets to make them larger

A really clever tip when your on a budget but still want a full bouquet or centerpieces. Be open to having a few select key blooms (like the Dahlia’s in this bouquet) and then filling a large part of the arrangement with greenery. It helps get the size and feel of a larger bouquet but without the price tag.

Bride Bouquet under $200 Melbourne
A little bit of green at the base to make the bride’s bouquet larger

When I deliver wedding flowers I am always so nervous about the reaction. For this delivery I dropped off the flowers to the hotel concierge, so I didn’t get to she her reaction.

Wedding Flower Delivery Melbourne
Delivery day! These babies ride upfront with me so I can keep an eye on them.

But she made my day with an unexpected text when I got home: “The flowers are amazing!!!!! I love them so much!!!”

I feel so honoured to have helped with not only her special day but also with her savings account for her first home. Budget wedding flowers don’t have to be cheap and nasty. Nor do they have to be DIY. You just need to have an open mind and find the right florist who can work within your budget.

Bride Squad Melbourne

At ADM Flowers I specialise in helping Melbourne budget conscious wedding couples get beautiful wedding flowers within their price range. I don’t require a minimum booking time, my packages include delivery in the Melbourne metro region and my deposit is $50.00.

Please check out my recent work on here.

If you would like to talk to me about your big day please click here for my contact details. When contacting me about an upcoming wedding please let me know the date of your wedding in your first email.


Wedding Flowers under $400 in july 2017

Wedding Flowers under $500

Yes, it is possible to get your wedding flowers for under $500.00!

At ADM Flowers, I specialise in Melbourne couples wanting to spend up to $500 on flowers for their wedding. As I am sure you are aware, weddings are expensive, freaking expensive and let’s not start on housing prices… When your on a budget because of other life priorities it doesn’t mean you have to always go without, especially for wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers under $300
Wedding flowers under $300

For this reason I have created three wedding packages with optional extra items. The first package is the Simple package starting at $199.00.  It gives you lovely and elegant bride bouquet of roses and foliage and an enhanced groom buttonhole. For your bridesmaids a bouquet of gyp (baby’s breath) or carnations will be supplied and a rose buttonhole for the groomsmen. You can customise the package depending on the size of your wedding party by adding on extra items. I offer you choice in colour palette, ribbon selection and even one delivery within the Melbourne metro region.

The Classic package starts at $249.00 and provides a bridal bouquet and matching  bridemaids bouquet. The groom and groomsmen buttonholes can be tailored to your requirements. You can customise the package depending on the size of your wedding party by adding on extra items. I offer you choice in colour palette, ribbon selection and even one delivery within the Melbourne metro region. I also do my absolute best to incorporate any flower likes into the arrangements at that price point. However some flowers are not able to be included in the base package. Which is why I created the Indulgence package.

The Indulgence package has bigger bouquets and can incorporate the more luxurious wedding blooms like David Austin Roses and Peonies in it, season pending of course. This package starts at $449.00 including delivery and again you can customise it for your wedding party.

If your Melbourne wedding is coming up and you don’t want to spend more than $500.00 on your wedding party flowers please contact me to discuss if I can help you. I can offer you a quotation for ceremony and reception flowers as well.


Wedding Flowers on a budget

Wedding Flowers on a budget?

Wedding flowers on a budget can seem like an impossibility when planning a wedding in 2017. And don’t get me started on the bad connotations that cheap has in regards to wedding flowers. Cheap Wedding Flowers… it doesn’t conjure up a great mind’s image, does it? But it is so very possible to get fresh (yes fresh, real flowers) for your wedding in Melbourne. Actually, you can get them anywhere but as I live in Melbourne I’ll stick to my area of experience.

You know the stories: you ask for a posy for an event, and get price $; you ask for a bouquet using the same flowers for your wedding and get price $$$. I was also really surprised at the lack of updated information in google land on budget conscious weddings…. so here are my Top 5 tips for getting affordable wedding flowers in Melbourne 2017.

Top 5 tips for getting affordable wedding flowers in Melbourne.

Wedding llowers for under $300 (1 x bride bouquet, 1 x bridesmaid, 1 x groom buttonhole and 1 x groomsmen buttonhole). Yes this is possible but a word of warning, the bigger the bridal party or the more elements you add will put your total spend up.

Affordable wedding flowers by ADM
Affordable wedding flowers by ADM

Tip 1: Don’t be ashamed of your budget.

$200, $300, $500 or more… (we can all dream right!). Whatever your budget, is be up front about it. Send emails to all the wedding florists you like and tell them flat out your budget. Ask them what they can do within it. Yeah you might get a no or two, but you just might get a yes…. Who knows, maybe they are aren’t fully booked on the weekend of your wedding. You just don’t know, so don’t be afraid to ask. I wouldn’t advise haggling, but telling your budget upfront is totally acceptable and encouraged.

If you are trying to choose between a few florists, read this post from my pals at Thrive Flowers on the 8 (not so obvious) questions to ask your wedding florist. Some cracking questions and answers from a very busy wedding florist and events team in Melbourne.

Tip 2: Don’t be fussy on your flower choice.

Yes this is a bit of an unfortunate reality check moment, but don’t go expecting David Austen roses, peonies or Phalaenopsis Orchids within the lower price bracket. Amazingly beautiful flowers these are, but budget friendly wedding flower options they are definitely not. Be open to what flowers are in season and at the cheaper end of the price scale. Just like wedding dresses, weddings flowers range from cheap to very expensive.

The more specific you are on your flower choice and style, the more expensive your flowers are going to be. Yes, give your wedding florist ideas on what flower colours, bouquet styles, and even a few flower likes and dislikes if you know them… but be prepared to compromise.

Tip 3: Scale down your bouquet, add more green!

Go for a smaller bouquet and let your florist know that your happy to fill it up with more Greenery. This will definitely help keep the budget down.

Plus you get bonus points for using the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery.

Wedding flowers under $300
Wedding flowers under $300

Tip 4: Gumtree – Say What!

My fourth, and maybe unexpected tip for getting your wedding flowers at an affordable price, is to try Gumtree. Yep, good old Gumtree, that buying and selling platform online, the new eBay. Have a look at what is on this site and I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the offerings. There are quite a lot of wedding flower packages with exact prices on this site. Go on have a look. You’ll find little old me on it buying and selling.

Tip 5: DIY. Good old fashioned DIY. 

If you are the creative type, why not get together with your wedding party, and make a fun night of it? The majority of florists prepare bouquets a day in advance, and so can you. Just don’t pick delicate flowers which should be refrigerated – your home or hotel fridge is going to struggle to fit them. Check out my favorite “time wasting” DIY platform: pinterest, to get ideas for your own DIY wedding bouquet. Once you have an idea of what you like, go and have a look for tutorials on youtube. There are a lot of them.

You may need some florist ingredients but you can probably purchase them directly from your local florist shop or an online store.

Love flowers, do a course and become a floral enthusiast or even a florist…
Maybe you are super interested in flowers and could do a short course. This is an expense yes, but you’ll have the skills for life. I started my professional flower journey via a Bloom College short course. I love love loved it and followed it up with a career change course. This might not be your cup of tea, or within your budget, but it is an option of those of you who love love love flowers.

Budget wedding flowers
Budget wedding flowers by ADM

So there you have it. Five ideas for Affordable Wedding Flowers in Melbourne in 2017.

I hope your wedding is spectacularly amazing and everything you want it to be and within your budget. If you have an questions please hit me up, I’ll be happy to answer, or refer you on to someone in my floral network who can assist.



Hello Flowers!

Welcome to ADM Flowers. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my site. I love flowers and like many little girls I wanted to be a florist when I was growing up. But it never played out. I went to school, university, got a job, got married and had kids. Pretty standard stuff.

It wasn’t until last year that I realised I didn’t have a hobby anymore. I had my work, my family and my friends but I didn’t have anything that was my thing. In my musing I found (or it found me) Bloom College. Bloom was running 5 week Flower basics courses and I signed up immediately.   

The starting bucket of Pomander
The starting bucket of Pomander
I loved it. Every Wednesday evening for 4 weeks (I missed the first week), I got to make a beautiful floral creation. It wasn’t just the finished product I adored either. Spending the two hours in the company of liked minded ladies (sorry guys but I’m get to have a flower therapy session with a male) and then getting to take home something I created and see it for the rest of the week or to be able to give it away was just awesome.

I was not a happy camper when my weekly dose of flowers finished and I started to have my own flower time on the weekends making arrangements (some good, some bad and some totally awesome). I made them for my work, my family, gifts for the kids teachers and my friends. It has become my thing. I’m now under going a six month floral course held each Saturday. I get one full day to spend learning and creating several pieces of work each week in an incredibly supportive environment with a class full of kindred floral spirits.

Pomander Ball
My first floral piece
As we approach half way of the course we are all thinking about what to do with our new skills. Like anything practise makes better, not perfect but better. Some want to open stores, do weddings and events but that is not where I see myself. I love my current job and love being able to create beautiful arrangements on the weekends. So in order to keep myself practising and creating I thought opening this site and sharing my creations with the ether.

It is my intent to share with you my latest personal creation, what I made it from, how I made it and what I did with it. If you follow me on my journey you will quickly realise I am a hobbiest florist (with a little bit of training). I will rarely (if ever) create complex pieces as I don’t have the time nor do I want to spend the money. I want to create something of beauty each week which doesn’t cost a fortune and will last on my or someone else’s bench for at least a week (two would be even better).

Until next time Happy Flower making to you!