How much should my 2020 Wedding Flowers in Melbourne cost…

10% of your budget… have you heard that before?

Your wedding flowers should cost you whatever you are prepared to spend to get your vision to work within your budget.

That “10% of your total wedding spend” theory is perhaps a guide for if you have no idea. Weddings are a major expense and where you choose to spend your budget is such a personal thing.

If flowers are your jam and you want it all then that % will be higher.

If flowers aren’t your thing but you want to keep mum (or dad, aunts, grandma) happy and still have a few then the % allocated maybe lower.

Your day. Your choice. Your budget. 
(your = you + partner)

Photo: Botanica Fresh Flowers Flowers Grown by: Mannerim Sables Co

Three common pricing problems:

1. I have no idea of the names of flowers or what they cost!

You have no idea of what flowers are what / what is in season / what is an expensive wedding flower… let alone how much you want to spend.

I always suggest to my clients in this boat to start with the look they want rather than the actual flowers. Hashtag searches on Pinterest and Instagram (or wedding magazines if you are old school) are the best places to start. Develop a mood board of colours, shapes, styles you like and give that to your florist. Your florist can then tell you the best in season flowers to use to get this look.

Photo: Botanica Fresh Flowers Flowers Grown by: Mannerim Sables Co

2. I want it all but I’m on a budget!

So you want the 10+ bridal party, the ceremony arbour, huge tall centrepieces and a massive floral hanging installation over the dance floor but you are on a budget… this is a tough one. 

You could shop round and try and find a florist in Melbourne who will quote you to win the job. It is a competitive industry and there are always newcomers looking to break into the market. My strongest advice is just make sure they have insurance! Many venues require this – especially for hanging pieces. Please remember that it is super uncool to show other florists competitors quotes. #dontbeuncool

If the thought of choosing the cheapest quote doesn’t sit well then narrow down which parts of the vision are critical. The hanging installation is going to be a large part of the budget, can you forgo it? Or the extra large tall centrepieces on the table – would making them one size smaller really hurt the look?

Photo: Botanica Fresh Flowers Flowers Grown by: Mannerim Sables Co

3. I’m saving for a house and only have a small budget

This one is soooo not a problem so long as your wish list isn’t large and you don’t have your heart set on the trio of pricey wedding blooms (peonies, David Austin roses and phal orchids).

If you are comfortable with your budget then tell your florist as early as possible in the process. It will make it so much easier if you are both on the same page. Together you can work to achieve a suitable vision for a price you are happy with.

We offer our pricing online so that you can tally up your wish list and see if we are a fit for your budget before you contact us. We also have sizing options so that you can pick items to fit. Size definitely does impact the price of wedding flowers. 

So how much should your wedding flowers in Melbourne cost?
As much as you want to spend to get the look you can afford.

Photo: Botanica Fresh Flowers Flowers Grown by: Mannerim Sables Co

Top 5 Budget Wedding Flowers options in Melbourne

5 types of flowers suitable for your wedding which are on the affordable scale.

Weddings are expensive. You know that right! And I’m taking a guess here that as you have landed on this page, you are looking for an affordable option which still looks beautiful but won’t break the bank.

At ADM Flowers, we totally understand and want to provide you with some suggestions on what common flowers are affordable options for you to ask your wedding florist about (and on the flip side: the flowers which are expensive).

But before we list out personal Top 5 favourite flowers to use in our own wedding work we need to mention to you THE most important factor in obtaining affordable wedding flowers for your special day…


In today’s global world you can almost get any type flower out of its natural season, be it by greenhouse growth or grown on the other side of the world. Lots of flowers are available almost year round. But in general blooms grown locally and in season are fresher and cheaper than ones flown across the world. The further a flower has to travel to more expensive it is likely to be. So know what flowers are locally available for the month of your wedding and pick from there.


If flowers aren’t your thing and you couldn’t tell a carnation from a chrysanthemum then give your florist a colour palette and style to work with. Let them find you the best available blooms for your wedding flowers.

melbourne wedding colour palette


There are a few common flower varieties which are at the high price range in Wedding Flowers. If you are looking for David Austin Roses, Phalaenopsis Orchids or Peonies then the word budget wedding flowers doesn’t align here. They are three of the most beautiful blooms but they come at a cost, so don’t get a shock at the quote if you have asked for any of these.

TOP 5 favourite budget wedding blooms

Okay now, let’s move onto my personal favourite flowers to use in my Melbourne weddings:

1. Sim Carnations: available all year round (local and imported)

Carnations aren’t as daggy as you might remember. They do have a bit of an old fashioned reputation but have made a come back of late, thanks to the new colours on the market.

Colours like apricots, melot, dusty pink, antique pinks and latte.

Super fresh and affordable bloom.

Flower Girl Rose Petal Basket
The large apricot flower on this flower girl basket is a sim carnation.

2. Ranunculus: available winter and spring (mainly locally grown)

These beauties have large flower heads filled with soft fluffy petals. They are almost rose like with the petal formation but again much softer. A peak local season, ranunculus make a beautiful wedding flower.

If you are wanting a Burgundy bloom in winter or spring then chances are your florist will use a ranunuc.

A beautiful option for winter and spring weddings in Melbourne.

Budget wedding flower for winter spring in melbourne
Beautiful local ranunculus from Dandy Fresh.

3. Lisianthus: available all year round (local and imported).

Lisianthus is rarely the star of the show, in fact she is the perfect companion to many wedding flowers and when you open up her bloom you get another magical soft flower. She generally comes in soft supporting colours of whites and pinks.

4. Dahlia’s: available summer and autumn (mostly locally grown).

The most famous wedding dahlia would have to be the magnificent Cafe-Au-Lait (not a budget bloom), but there are so many other varieties available in Melbourne during late summer and early autumn. Being a prominently locally grown flower (it doesn’t travel well) means at peak season prices are good.

Dahlia’s are a wonder wedding flower as they generally have a really large flower head which takes up a lot of space, meaning you don’t have to use as many blooms to get a full arrangement.

Bright Bouquets Melbourne Wedding Florist
Three different types of Dahlias in these summer bouquets: Hot Pink, Peach and Burgundy.

5. Cappuccino Roses: available all year round (local and imported)

Like the Cafe-Au-Lait dahlia, the cappuccino rose is one of the most commonly requested roses in my wedding work. The other is quicksand (but its not a budget bloom). The cappuccino rose is a dusty coloured rose which works with so many colours tying them in together. Due to its popularity there are a lot of growers and supply is good which helps keep the pricing down.

The roses do take several days to open up to the beautiful big heads, so if you are DIYing your bouquet make sure you buy them in advance and let them open up naturally.

Capp. Roses.png
Cappuccino Roses nicely opened and ready for use.

So there you have it, my top five favourite budget wedding blooms of 2019.

Thanks for Reading


If you are getting married in Melbourne and are looking an affordable wedding florist for your special day, then please have a look at our pricing – we would love to be able to provide you with a quote.


3 Tips for finding Affordable Wedding Flowers in the Dandenong Ranges


The Dandenong Ranges is a pocket of absolutely magical wedding venues and a region of Melbourne we are happy to service. With each new venue I fall more in love with this diverse region.

Foliage Runner $20 per metre Melbourne Wedding Florist

Tip 1: Find a venue which offers package deals

Packages are the key to staying on budget when you are shopping around for wedding suppliers as most suppliers add in little extras for no additional cost. A fixed price fee for all things wedding helps you stay in control of your wedding budget.

My couples venue was Forest Edge Restaurant in Gembrook and it as a view which has to been seen to believe. Set up with that view took much longer than I anticipated. The Yarra Ranges in the background just breathtaking.

Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets November wedding Melbourne

Tip 2: Give your bridesmaid’s mini bouquets. 

Mini bouquets are a great way to save money on your wedding flowers. Spend the money on the main bouquet and go mini for your squad. There are a large number of Pinterest pins showing mini bouquets, I have a special section in my wedding bouquet board on Pinterest just on Mini Bouquets. The ADM Flower Mini Bridesmaid Bouquets are $50.00 each.

My bride wanted to her bouquet to stand out even more and chose pinks, peaches and corals. We were lucky enough to be at the start of the local peony season and have fabulous Coral Peonies to use.

Bridal bouquet peonies and roses Spring Wedding Melbourne     Mini Bridesmaid Bouquet Wedding Flowers Melbourne

Tip 3: Use Foliage Garland & tea light candles for reception tables

Foliage garland has become my new favourite table decoration for rectangle tables. Using a mixture of different foliages we create a rustic look for your guests. The garlands also smell lovely. We tucked in sprigs of rosemary to this garland for extra fragrance. The ADM Flowers foliage garland is $30 per metre.

Foliage Runner with candles affordable reception flowers

Adding tea light candles (in vases to prevent the foliage catching fire) is a great way to add a little bit more luxury to the table. The two dollar shops are the best place to buy these. Check with the venue first and also make sure you ask your florist if there is a surcharge to put them out. We usually charge an additional small fee to set candles up.


Please view our wedding packages and pricing to see if we fit your budget.

If your wedding is next year, next month or even next week, this is no problem. We don’t require any advanced booking. We do require a 10% deposit (non refundable) to secure dates.

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Affordable Wedding Flowers in bayside, Melbourne


It is an extra special pleasure to create wedding party flowers for couples who have been referred to me and even more of a big deal when it is a family friend. Extra special but extra nervous.

The Girls
Picture: Julie Anne Perara Photography

Having known my bride for many many years, we did the consultation over email. Something I’m super comfortable with as I understand not everyone has the time (or inclination to come and do a consultation). Some emails back and forth for this very easy bride to decide the style, colours and quantities needed.

November is such a lovely month to get married as the Spring blooms are in full swing. Corina’s bouquet was filled with sweat pea, spray roses, divine smelling Amy-lou roses, green hypericum berry, ruscus and olive leaf.  A classic and fresh white and green colour combination which went perfectly with the beachside wedding.

Bouquet Closeup Affordable Wedding Flowers

The Bridal party also had a a few little ones in it and we decided on wrist corsages and olive leaf crowns for the children to tie into the main bouquets and buttonholes.

Wrist Corsage

Picture: Julie Anne Perara Photography

Delivering these flowers to house I had been several times over the past decades was a sweet trip done memory lane and something I’m so pleased I could do.


Please view our wedding packages and pricing to see if we fit your budget.

If your wedding is next year, next month or even next week, this is no problem. We don’t require any advanced booking. We do require a 10% deposit (non refundable) to secure dates.

If you are interested in having us quote on your big day please drop us a line at

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